Estelle Zamme is back three years after the almighty “Don Simon”. With “Claude”, the project gets on a higher level while keeping its weirdo but powerful design. A solid and surprising lo-fi textured electro track, mesmerizing images, a crazy dancer, a nice dolphin and swiss alpine landscapes as you’ve never seen it.

Once again, the videoclip stars an atypical dancer, wiggling energetically in front of bucolic alpine settings. Not afraid by (very (cold) water, our hero gives everything from dusk till dawn, hiking the highest peaks. Wearing its “Dolphin” cap, his great cycling shorts, an old-school Aston Villa football team shirt and crazy sunglasses, “Claude” kills it!!

Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭
Spot: Swiss Alps
Year: 2021
Dancer: Yan Singelé

Categories: Video