Who’s Joe? That’s the secret you’ll discover in Estelle Zamme’s brand new music video. Shot during Summer 2021 in the Lofoten Islands (Norway), it takes us on an adventure made of moment of sadness, hope and joy.

“Cuennet Hacken X Salut Zamme ! X Nokia” is different from the three previous music video. First of all, it does not star only one, but three songs (all part of the duo new release “Salut Zamme ! (pt. 1)”)! Secondly, it’s not anymore a 100% dance music video, but a complete story, as we follow the main character (Domingos) in his epic trip through the norwegian wilderness. Fishermen from all over the world: get ready, Joe’s coming for you!

Country: Norway 🇳🇴
Spot: Lofoten Islands
Year: 2022
Dancer: Domingos Cardoso

Categories: Video