Estelle Zamme is back in 2018, a year after its first single “Fiston”. With “Don Simon”, the project gets on a higher level while keeping its weirdo but powerful design. A solid electro track, textured by meditative slicks and cut by a sensible piano riff and a pan flute that is gonna be stuck in your head.

Once again, the music video stars an atypical dancer, wiggling energetically in front of bucolic alpine settings. Not afraid of being whistled by marmots and mocked by wild beasts, our hero gives everything from dusk till dawn, hiking the highest peaks. Wearing its “howling wolf to the moon” purple t-shirt, a pretty mini shorts and a mythic Iroquois cut that would impress more than one, “Don Simon” rocks!!

Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Spot: Dolomites
Year: 2018
Dancer: Joaquim Perez

Categories: Video